Gaurav J Pathania

Georgetown University


2017   Ph.D. [Sociology of Education]. Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. India

The University as a Site for Regional Identity: An Ethnography of Student Movement for Telangana at Osmania Uni.

2011   M.Phil. JNU, Thesis title : A Study of Identity Based Student Activism at JNU

2009   M.A. Sociology, Centre for the Study of Social Systems, JNU

2005   M.A. English Literature, Kurukshetra University, India

2003   B.A. Economics and Geography, Kurukshetra University, India

Research/ Teaching Interests

Sociology of Education, Qualitative Research Methods, Ethnography
Global Social Movements, Globalization and Cultural Politics
Caste and Mental Health


Spring 2020- Present : Adjunct Faculty, Department of Sociology, Georgetown University, Washington DC

Fall 2020 Adjunct Faculty, Department of Sociology, Catholic University of America, Washington DC

Spring 2019 Adjunct Faculty, Department of Sociology, George Washington University, Washington, DC
Social Movements (undergraduate)

2013 – 2015 Sociology Lecturer, Ahilya Bai College of Nursing, Delhi
Introduction to Sociology (three semesters)

2013 Sociology Teaching Assistant, Graduate Remedial Classes, JNU

Research Experience

2020-Present: Research Associate, Documentary Project on South Asian American Community, Council on Global Social Issues, Commission on Global Social Work Education (CSWE)

2019       Research Consultant, “Mental Health Literacy and Support in Congregations”

The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC.

2017    Research Associate, Pullias Centre for Higher Education, Rossier School of Education,

University of Southern California, Los Angeles

2018         Visiting Scholar, College of Education, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

2016-17    Research Assistant, “Discrimination, Distress and Higher Education in India.” In collaboration with

University College London and IIDS, British Academy International Partnership and Mobility Grant, UK

2015-16     Research Assistant to Professor William G. Tierney, University of Southern California

                 “An Ethnography of Campus Culture in Higher Education

2010         Research Assistant, Federation for Industrial Chambers of Commerce and Industries in India (FICCI)

for the book, Mega Trends of the Emerging Third World Industrial Revolution in India, by Professor Jeremy Rifkin



2018 The University as a Site of Resistance: Identity and Student Politics, Oxford University Press: Delhi

Research Articles (Peer-Reviewed)

2020         “Cultural Politics of Historically Marginalized StudentsCritical Times, 3 (3) Duke University Press. 

2018         “An Ethnography of Caste and Class at an Indian University

Tertiary Education and Management, 24(3): 221-231 (The European Higher Education Society)

2016. “Food Politics and Counter-Hegemonic Assertion among Marginalized Students at Indian Universities,” 

South Asia Research, 36 2): 261-277 (Sage Publications)

Book Chapters

2019       Privatization and Shrinking Free Space in Education: Challenges for Inclusive Knowledge,” (with N. Thakur) In S. Babu G. S. (ed.) Education and the Public Sphere: Exploring the Structure of Mediation in Post-Colonial India, Routledge: UK.

2017       “Counter-Hegemonic Assertions of Marginalized Students in University Campuses in India,” In G. Wankhede and I. Reid (eds.) Accessing Higher Education: Footprints of Marginalized Groups, Aakar Books: Delhi

2015       “Middle Class Resistance in Contemporary Urban India: How New are these New Social Movements?” pp.276-297 In L. Lobo and J. Shah (eds.) The Trajectory of India’s Middle Class: Economy, Ethics & Etiquette, Cambridge Scholars Publishing: London, UK 276-297


Book Chapters

Regional Movements in Democracy: The Case of Telangana,” in P. D’Souza, H. Ahmed and S. Alam (eds.) Question is Democracy: Essays in Honor of Professor Rajni Kothari, Routledge: UK (June 2021)

Changing Epistemologies of Indian Student Activism,” In Universities in South Asia Students’ Mobilities and Mobilizations, Oxford University Press(Accepted, under review)

Demonizing Religion, Countering Tradition: Analyzing Dalit-OBC Student Activism in India,” In Jean Thomas and Khalil Parker (eds.) Student Politics from the Lens of South Asia, Orient BlackSwan (Under review)

Research Articles

“Mind as a Site of Struggle: Exploring Caste Identities and Mental Wellbeing in an Indian University Campus” [with Sushrut Jadhav, David Mosse, Sumeet Jain and Amit Thorat] (Working paper)

Book Reviews

2017       Leona, Rittner; W. Scott Haine and Jeffrey H. Jackson. 2013. The Thinking Space: The Cafe as a Cultural Institution, Ashgate: UK. In Cafe Dissensus Everyday, June 18

2015        Romila Thapar. The Public Intellectuals in India, Aleph    Book Company, New Delhi.  South Asia Research, 37 (2): 232-235.

2014        Gautam Pingle. The Fall and Rise of Telangana, Orient BlackSwan, New Delhi. South Asia Research, 34 (3): 270-73

2013        G. B. Nambissan & S. S. Rao (eds.) Sociology of Education in India, Oxford University Press, Economic and Political Weekly. XL VIII (50): 29-31.