@the White House, May 23 [invitation by the Vice-President Office]
Caste in the US

Convened & Moderated a Panel onRace, Resistance & Civil Sphere: BLM & Beyond”
July 25, 2020


Professor Jeffrey Alexander (Yale)
Professor Kevin Brown (Indiana University)
Mark Rudd (1968 Free Speech Movement Leader)
HM the Queen Mother Dowoti Desir (Benin Republic)
Prof. Vivek Kumar (JNU) & Dr. Lalit Khandare (Pacific University, Oregon) 

https://ccs.yale.edu/news/jeffrey-alexander- participates-zoom-webinar-race-resistance-civil-repair-blm-beyond

“Doing Sociology”
Universities as Political Spaces:
Caste, Class, and Resistance:

An Interview with Gaurav J Pathania

"Dismantling Casteism"- University of Michigan